FAQ About Bimatoprost

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Bimatoprost solution is used as a prescription drug to help eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker. Bimatoprost is believed to act on the growth phase of the eyelash hair growth phase. The solution has been developed after intensive scientific research and is safe to use. Buy Bimatoprost solution online and used as per instructions to get fuller and luscious eyelashes. You can easily buy Bimatoprost at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy with absolutely no hassles.

FAQ About Bimatoprost

How does Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan solution work?

The exact nature of Bimatoprost is not known but it is believed to work on the growth phase of the eyelash hair growth. There are two ways in which it helps eyelash growth. One Bimatoprost increases the length of the growth phase and second, it increases the number of hairs. A lipid called prostaglandin in Bimatoprost is known to influence the growth phase of eyelash hair.

Side effects of Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan

The normal side effects of using Bimatoprost solution are itching and redness of eye. These symptoms last for a short duration and is not a cause of worry. Patients suffering from high ocular pressure should consult a doctor before using Bimatoprost since one of the ingredients is known to lower the ocular pressure. Redness of eye, darkening of area around the eyes and dryness of eyes are other side effects of using Bimatoprost. However as long as the doses are limited to those prescribed by the doctor, it is not known as a cause of worry. If the symptoms prolong, consult a doctor on further doses and application. It has not been proven to cause any side effects in pregnant women. As a precaution, it is advised to avoid using Bimatoprost during pregnancy.

Guidelines before taking Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan

Purchase Bimatoprost solution online and get a free applicator, which can be used for about 20 times. Additional applicators can be bought online in packs of 30 and 60 numbers. Generic Bimatoprost solution should be applied to the upper eyelid once a day, preferably during night. There is not need to apply to the lower eyelid, since while sleeping both eyelids come in contact and the solution passes on to the lower eyelid as well. It is an ophthalmic solution and hence there are no problems if it accidentally gets into the eyes. The pack contains instructions for applying

What are the common dosages of Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan?

Bimatoprost solution is sold in packs on 3ml each. It should be applied once a day, preferably at night.

Difference between Brand and Generic

The only difference between branded and generic Bimatoprost is the brand name. The ingredients and the effectiveness are the same. The other major difference between the two is the price. Generic Bimatoprost is cheaper than the branded solution. Buy generic Bimatoprost solution and experience the same results as Bimatoprost.

Where and How to buy Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan?

Buy online Bimatoprost solution. Check the table above for prices and quantity and order Bimatoprost drug online.

Why is the price of Bimatoprost / Generic of Allergan or Lumigan so cheap at Rx 2 GO Pharmacy?

The core value at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy is to provide prescription drugs at a cheaper price. Continual improvements and search for alternatives help in reducing the cost. One such measure taken is to source the ingredients in large quantities from manufacturers, thereby helping us negotiate prices better.


  1. Thank you for sharing detail information about the bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is an eye solution meant to treat many problems related to eye diseases.


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