About Finasteride

Propecia is a widely used drug, which is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia in low doses. When given in higher doses, the same drug is used to treat prostrate cancer. The drug also works in the treatment of pattern baldness in men. Clinical trials have shown that in some men Finasteride stops further hair loss while in some men it enables re-growth of hair. You can buy Finasteride at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy.

FAQ About Finasteride

How does Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar work?

Finasteride inhibits an enzyme known 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT enhances hair fall and also retards the growth of further hair in men. Pelosta, by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for the production of DHT, stops hair loss as well as helps in re-growth of hair. FDA has approved the drug for use in treatment of pattern baldness in men. You can buy Propecia from any pharmacy in your neighborhood. You can also order generic Finasteride online from our online pharmacy.

Side effects of Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar

The recognizable side effects of Propecia include decreased libido, impotence, and a decrease in volume of semen. All of these symptoms are not a cause of concern and disappear within a short while.

Guidelines before using Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar

Finasteride pills are orally administered. Results start showing when used for extended period of time. Once you start taking Propecia pill, you must continue using it for a specified duration for results to be visible.

What are the common dosages of Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar?

The recommended dosage for adult males is 1 mg once a day. It can be taken without regards to food intake. Propecia pill should be taken for at least a period of 3 months for noticeable improvements.

Difference between Brand and Generic

The differences between brand and generic Finasteride is in packaging, pricing and the brand name. You can buy cheap Propecia pills when it is the generic version. When you buy Finasteride pills that have a brand name, you are actually paying more for the brand than for the ingredients or the action of the drug. The effects and the active ingredients of both brand and generic Finasteride are the same.

Where and How to buy Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar?

You can purchase Finasteride drug online from a pharmacy such as Rx2go.com. You can also buy generic Propecia pills from any physical pharmacy.

Why is the price of Finasteride / Generic of Propecia, Proscar so cheap at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy?

Buying the drug in bulk volumes directly from the manufacturer helps us enjoy price discounts ,which are passed on to our customers. At Rx 2 Go Pharmacy we sell generic prescription drugs, which have the same active ingredients, similar effects but a cheaper price than its brand counterpart.


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