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Carisoprodol (Soma)

Carisoprodol is a generic drug marketed under brand name soma. It is an oral muscle relaxant. It gives a short term relief from muscle pain and skeletal condition in adult. It is a white color tablet with a bitter taste.


It modulates the activities of neuro-transmitter in spinal cord and in brain. It blocks pain sensation between nerves and brain. It includes physio therapy to relieve pain. It reduces discomfort caused by stains, sprain and other muscle injuries. It focuses on the nerves that control the muscle. This drug influences the whole CNS. Due to this reason older people can use soma. It can treat other disease which aren’t listed as well.
It is available in the form of oral tablet in two strengths
250 mg350 mg Take three times a day and at bed time. It is a short term course for two or three weeks. Adequate evidence of for long term use aren’t explained. Doctor’s prescribed it at a gap of 6 hours. But the medication can change from one patient…