Amantadine Generic Name of Symmetrel: Where to Buy, Side Effects + Dosages

Generic Amantadine / Symmetrel

The exact nature of action of Symmetrel is unknown. It is believed that Amantadine prevents the release of infectious viral nucleic acid into the host cell. The prevention of the release of nucleic acid is presumed to be as a result of the Symmetrel interfering with the function of the transmembrane of the viral protein. The drug is not believed to interfere with the immunogenicity of the inactivated influenza A virus vaccine. The mechanism of action of Symmetrel in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is still unclear. The drug has many effects in the brain, including release of dopamine and norepinephrine from nerve endings, which is believed to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Side effects of Amantadine / Generic Symmetrel

The most common side effects observed are Blurred vision, nausea, stomach upset, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, constipation, nervousness, or trouble sleeping. These symptoms are all mild in nature. Rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness or trouble in breathing could indicate a serious reaction to the drug and requires the attention of a medical practitioner.

Guidelines before using Amantadine / Generic Symmetrel

Symmetrel is an orally administered drug that can be taken without regards to food. Like most anti viral drugs, Amantadine works best when a constant level is maintained in the body. Hence it is recommended to administer the drug in equal amounts at evenly spaced time intervals.When administered for Parkinson’s disease, the results may show only after several weeks.

What are the common dosages of Amantadine / Generic Symmetrel?

The recommended dosage for adults is 200 mg per day, which can be administered either as a single dose or twice daily as 100 mg tablets.When used for Parkinson’s disease, the recommended starting dosage is 100 mg once a day, which can be increased to 100 mg twice daily.

Difference between Brand and Generic Amantadine

The basic difference between brand and generic Amantadine is the brand name and pricing. Since the active ingredient is the same in both brand and generic Symmetrel, there is no difference in the mechanism of action. You can buy cheap Symmetrel pills when it is sold as a generic variant.

Where and How to buy Amantadine / Generic Symmetrel

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